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Karachi University: New dates of examinations postponed on October 1, 2021, announced

Karachi (October 04, 2021): According to Dr. Syed Zafar Hussain, Nazim Examiner, Karachi University, new dates have been announced for the examinations which have been postponed to October 1, 2021.

According to the details, LLB Year II, BA LLB (Hons) Fourth Year, and M.Ed (Morning Evening) postponed to October 1, 2021, will now be held on October 08, 2021.

While the B.Ed (Morning Evening) paper which was postponed on October 1, 2021, will now be held on October 09, 2021. It should be noted that no change has been made in the examination time and center.


The Sindh government also decided to close all universities for one more week

Students and teachers should be vaccinated against corona before August 30, says Ismail Rahu۔

Karachi (August 21, 2021): The Sindh government has decided to close all the universities for one more week. Has been done.

University Minister Ismail Rahone said that all universities and boards in Sindh will be open from August 30, students and teachers should be vaccinated against corona before August 30.

Yesterday, Sindh Chief Minister announced to close all schools in the province for one more week. Educational activities will start on August 30.


  • Another opportunity for Mehran University Jamshoro candidates to fill up online forms

Hyderabad (August 10, 2021) Mehran University of Engineering and Technology Jamshoro Another opportunity to fill up online forms for admission candidates, the administration of the university has extended the date of filling the form to August 27, the administration of Mehran University. Has extended the date of online registration till August 27, keeping in view the situation created due to the new wave of lockdown and code 19 for admission in the new academic year 2021-22.


  • Robbery in broad daylight on University Road, the armed accused were not afraid of anyone. The armed accused continued to loot by torturing a person. The video went viral on social media.

Karachi (August 10, 2021), The incident of robbery on University Road in broad daylight, the armed criminals were not afraid of anyone. Four armed suspects continued to rob a man by torturing him. The video went viral on social media. On the streets of Shar-e-Quaid, a band of robbers continued to gnash their teeth without fear or danger but did not fall into anyone’s hands.

According to details, four-armed youths tried to rob a biker in broad daylight on the bridge near University Road Metro on Karachi’s main highway. Did not

Someone made a video of the robbery from a moving vehicle and made it viral on social media. So far, the arrest of the accused has not been carried out. The victims have appealed to the higher authorities to take strict action against the robbers.


  • Great honor for Ulema University, inclusion in Y category in the list of Journal of Business Studies 2021

Karachi (August 10, 2021) It is a great honor for Ulema University that its Journal of Business Studies (IBTBS) has been included in the Y category in the list of HJRS 2021. This rank is given by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) which reviews journals extensively on the standard parameters of journals. It is a matter of pride for the Faculty of Management Sciences as it brings to the fore the research work of academics, scholars, and researchers through its leading research journal.

IBT-JBS aims to highlight globalization in management sciences and the growing involvement of regional issues in management sciences in the broader perspective of international business, so this journal is about business management and its affiliates. Provides an excellent forum for publishing research material on various issues related to the field of science, while the journal’s wide scope is not limited to researching enterprise issues.

Ulema University promotes a global business context guided by IBT-JBS. The excellent research and findings published in it help to understand the perspectives of economically expanding economies around the world.



Karachi (July 13, 2021, Educational News): According to Federal Urdu University Examiner Ghias-ul-Din Ahmed, the results of MA (first and last year) Arabic and Sindhi private annual examinations in Karachi and Islamabad for March 2021 have been announced.

In MA Sindhi (First Year) examination held in Karachi, 2 students have registered in which 2 students participated in the examination and 2 students were declared successful while the overall result was 100%.

In the Sindhi (End of Year) examination 2 students were registered of which 2 students participated in the examination and 1 student was declared successful while the overall result was 50%. In MA Arabic (First Year) examination 5 students have registered of which 5 students participated in the examination and 3 students were declared successful.

While the overall result was 60% and 1 student was registered in the MA Arabic (final year) examination in which 1 student participated in the examination and was declared successful while the overall result was 100%.



Karachi (July 13, 2021): Prof. Dr. Saeeduddin, Chairman, Board of Higher Secondary Education, Karachi, has announced that the schedule of Admit Cards and Examinations of Private Candidates of Commerce and Arts Groups starting from Monday, July 26, 2021, at Intermediate, sent to residential addresses provided by them.

Students who have changed their place of residence can receive admission cards and exam schedules from their old residential addresses. According to the notification number BIE / EG / 66/2021 issued by the Board of Higher Secondary Education, Karachi, such private candidates of Commerce and Arts Group have not received the Admit Card till Wednesday, July 14, 2021.

They can get their Admit Card on Thursday 15th July and Friday 16th July 2021 from Interboard Office.

To get Duplicate Admit Card, the candidate has to submit the receipt of the submission of examination forms and fees, a photocopy of a matric mark sheet or certificate, and a registration card. Admit cards of regular students have been sent to their colleges, so they can get their admit cards from the respective colleges.

It should be noted that the address of the concerned centers and the date of examination papers are written on the admit cards. Regular students whose Admit Cards have been revoked due to some objection or who want to get a Duplicate Admit Card must verify their application and two passport size photographs with their college principal.


  • Admission Will Be Given In Traditional Bachelor’s Degree And Master’s Degree Program, Karachi University

Karachi (Educational News, 08 July 2021): Vice-Chancellor of Karachi University Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood Iraqi chaired the meeting of the Academic Council held in the auditorium of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Karachi University on Thursday. It was decided that admissions would be given in the traditional bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs this year.

The decision was taken in light of the recommendations of a committee headed by Prof. Dr. Jamil Kazmi.

A six-member committee headed by Prof. Dr. Nasir Salman, Head of Faculty of Education, was constituted in the meeting regarding the implementation of a two-year associate and four-year BS program.

The committee consists of Prof. Dr. Anila Amber Malik, Prof. Dr. Intikhab Ulfat, Prof. Dr. Samina Saeed, Prof. Dr. Maqsood Ali Ansari, Prof. Dr. Taseer Ahmad Khan, and Prof. Dr. Nadeem Mahmood.

The Committee, in consultation with all the Heads of Departments, will present the recommendations of the Committee on the curriculum of the two-year Associate and Four-year BS program and its phased implementation in the Academic Council meeting and decide in the light of these recommendations. Will be done

Meanwhile, all the members of the Academic Council issued a press release issued by Supla a few months ago stating that,

“Why have the doors of education been closed on the children of the Vice-Chancellor and City Quaid who are playing with the future of millions of students of Karachi and why this is not being taken notice of”

The meeting unanimously passed a resolution condemning the incident and said that such statements do not beautify teachers as universities, colleges, and their teachers are a reflection of society.


  • Matric Exams; Those Who Did Not Submit The Physics Paper Decided To Take The Paper Again

The Chairman Matriculation Board will announce the new date of the papers after the matriculation examinations

KARACHI – The Chairman Matriculation Board has announced to re-take papers from students who did not submit their physics papers.

10th examinations have started across Sindh. However, due to irregularities, papers could not reach many centers yesterday. The Chairman Matriculation Board has announced to take papers again from the students who did not submit their papers.

Chairman Matriculation Board Syed Sharaf Ali Shah said that the students from whom the paper could not be taken yesterday will be taken again.

After the completion of the matriculation examinations, the new date of the paper will be announced.


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