Need of Islamic education in Modern Education System

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We are going to discuss here the Need of Islamic education in Modern Education System.

Islam is a complete code of life. it has also its own ideology regarding education and its system. its way of education is very effective covering all the aspects of life even the current science and technology.

Islamic Education System produced great islamic sientists in history as;

  • Ibn Sina (d. 1037)
  • Ibn al-Haytham (d. 1040)
  • Al-Bīrūnī (d. 1048)
  • Ali ibn Ridwan (d. 1061)
  • Abū Ishāq Ibrāhīm al-Zarqālī (d. 1087)
  • Omar Khayyám (d. 1131)
  • Ibn Bajjah (d. 1138)
  • Ibn Tufail (d. 1185)
  • Ibn Rushd (d. 1198)
  • Al-Khazini (d. 12th century)

Why is Islamic Education important?

Education is the responsibility of every individual in Islam. The acquisition of knowledge through divine commandments has been made obligatory. The purpose of education in Islam is to integrate and balance the physical and spiritual development of humanity.

What is Islamic Education system?

In its true sense, Islamic education can refer to the education of one’s society, the efforts to go along with the heritage of Islamic knowledge, its main source being the Qur’an and Sunnah.

What is the curriculum of Islamic education?

The main characteristics of religious curriculum of this period are:

  • Arabic by nature
  • Strengthening the foundation of the Islamic religion
  • Spreading his education based on religious knowledge and Arabic grammar
  • Pay more attention to the study of hadith and jurisprudence
  • Pay more attention to Arabic grammar

Importance of Islamic Education in Pakistan

Apart from religious education, world education is not complete. It has become the biggest problem, the CEO said;
District Education Officer Sardar Abdul Aziz Khan said that the world’s education is not close to religious education, the world and the success of education is the education of the world.

As far as the parallel examination of modern education is concerned, one can still draw attention to the religious education of Muslims, the services of the teachers of the Qur’an are admirable, a large number of ornaments of religious education at modest honors.

The solution to the problems of the teachers of the Qur’an is the first priority wherever possible. The teachers of the Qur’an will join him wherever possible.

In a place where it is the norm for the people, the respected class of teachers, whose honor and respect is the duty of all of us, these views have been expressed by the teachers of the Qur’an in his honor.

Address the farewell address of former DE and Khan Shabbir and Deputy DE and Sardar Jamil.

Special guests on the occasion were former District Education Officer Khan Shabbir and Sardar Jamil, then DD and Khan Shabbir, former Deputy DE and Sardar Jamil, Qari Afraz, Qari Iftikhar, replacing Qari Afraz, then President of Teachers of Quran.

Apart from Qari Shuja Al-Sun, Qari Atiq Hayat, Qari Nadeem, Maulana Sarfraz Siddiqui, Sajjad Ahmad Chishti, Qari Amjad, Qari Gulfraz, Qari Abdul Hafeez, Qari Amjad, Qari Irshad also addressed the gathering.

He said that the state of Jammu and Kashmir has a higher literacy rate than that of Pakistan which is the pride of our time. There is also education.

Also, realize that the world and the world can happen. Khan, a former district education officer, said during his service that efforts were being made to serve mankind from the naturally possible and that all schools of thought linked to the life of teachers were concerned with the welfare of the people and their problems.

He said that teachers of the Quran play an important role in the reform of society and religious education and their services are appreciated all over the world.

He was selected by President Qari Afraz. Actor pays homage to former District Education Officer Khan Shabbir and former Deputy DE and Sardar Jamil for their services to education.

Comment below if you have some suggestions about the Need of Islamic education in Modern Education System to ensure it in our education system of Pakistan.

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