Solved Précis Writing Examples, Rules & Format In PDF

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In this post, You will know How To Write A Precise with Solved Précis Writing Examples, Rules & Format In PDF. The perfect template for Writing has great significance for the exams of English grammar. Almost, précis writing is the important portion of ADP, BA, BSc, BS, MA, MSc, CSS, and all other exams.

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115 Solved Basic Précis Writing Examples
230 Advanced Précis Writing Examples
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Solved Basic Précis Writing Examples

What is Précis Writing?

Précis Writing is an exercise of compression. A Precis is the summary of a given text/paragraph, possibly expressed in a few words. 

A Précis should provide all the necessary points so that whoever reads it will understand the idea expressed in the actual passage.

How To Write A Précis Properly?

There are some important tips and tricks to writing a precis perfectly. The implementation of the following rules will help you with precise writing.

Remember Don’ts for Précis Writing

  • Your words should not be more than 1/3 of the given passage
  • Avoid copy/pasting
  • Don’t make answers to a single paragraph as précis
  • Don’t make more than 1 para

5 Ultimate Points & Rules

  1. Read once quickly
  2. Re-read and underline the focuses of the passage
  3. Read again and write down important points
  4. Analyze the important points and given questions
  5. Try to relate them with each other. As a result, you’ll get a summary/précis of passage.

How to find the exact title?

  • Guess that it is from social evils or others to give a broad topic.
  • Otherwise, get an idea from the most focused point. 

Practical Example Of These rules


Generally, European trains still stop at borders to change locomotives and staff. This is often necessary. The German and French voltage systems are incompatible. Spain – though not Portugal – has a broad gouge track. English bridges are lower than elsewhere, and passengers on German trains would need a ladder to reach French platforms, twice as high as their own. But those physical constraints pale in comparison to an even formidable barrier – national chauvinism. While officials in Brussels strive for an integrated and efficiently run rail network to relieve the Continent’s gorged roads and airways and cut down on pollution, three-member countries – France, Germany, and Italy – are working feverishly to develop their own expensive and mutually incompatible high-speed trains.

To write down the important points after the second reading

  • European trains still stop at borders
  • Physical constraints pale in comparison to an even formidable barrier – national chauvinism.
  • officials in Brussels strive for an integrated and efficiently run rail network
  • France, Germany, and Italy – are working feverishly to develop


European trains are incompatible to enter from one European country into another due to the physical barriers between them, but more so the nationalistic tendencies. Officials in Brussels, however, are striving for an integrated rail network, but three member countries are doing the opposite.

Title: The Barriers among European Trains

  • Passage word count = 118 words
  • Précis word count = 44 words

Following these points, practice 15 Basic Solved Examples & 30 Advanced Unseen Passages given below.

15 Solved Basic Précis Writing Examples

Solved Précis Writing Examlpe No. 1

A good book is one of our best friends. It is the same today and it will never change. This is the most patient and cheerful of colleagues. He does not turn away from us in times of trouble or distress. It always accepts us with the same kindness. To entertain and educate in youth, to comfort and comfort us in old age.

Title: – The usefulness of books.

Precis: A good book is a patient, never-changing, and cheerful friend who helps us find peace and comfort in grief, in youth, and in old age.

Solved Précis Writing Examlpe No. 2

The test of a great book is whether we want to read it once or more. Any book, which we want to read a second time more than we wanted to read the first time, is really a great book. Each additional reading will help us to understand it better and we will help to understand it better and we will find new beauty in it. A book that doesn’t bother to be read more than once by a person with education and good taste is probably not worth much.

Title: – The Test of a Good Book

Precis: A good book is one in which we turn again and again to discover new beauties, but if we do not turn to it again, it will be a bad book.

Solved Précis Writing Examlpe No. 3

Letters are an invaluable tool in maintaining your friendship with these people. Without exchanging letters, our absent friends and relationships practically die for us. We can learn from books about where they live or hear from travelers about prosperity or failure, but through letters, we can talk to them whenever we want and what they are doing or thinking. Can get a clear picture of it. Everything they live in remote areas.

Title: – Value of letters.

Precis: – Letters help maintain our friendship. They are the way we communicate and interact with our friends in remote areas.

Solved Précis Writing Examlpe No. 4

It is very important for young people that from the very beginning they have a habit of trusting others as they please. They should learn to dress, wash, take food with their own hands, and not expect mothers or servants to do this for them. They must learn to write and store their minds with knowledge so that they can earn their living when they go into the world.

Title: The Importance of Self-Reliance

Precis: A young person should learn to be self-reliant from an early age so that when they grow up and enter life, they will be able to earn a living.

Solved Précis Writing Examlpe No. 5

The lives of most of us are always sympathetic. Exciting, dangerous, or adventurous never happens to us. Through books, children can live in a very interesting, dangerous, and brave world. Books like “Treasure Island” provide a child with an interesting and dangerous world in which anything can and does happen. Later, detective stories and actual accounts of wars and battles provide all the escape that is often required from everyday life. These are safety valves. They provide a shop and are an antidote to anger. Everyone from presidents to lower citizens needs it. Children who study extensively and deeply are less likely to go around throwing stones at buses, smashing buildings, and smashing public property. They are thrilled by the books and do not look for them in the dark streets and spite of the senseless and foolish persecution of stabbing and killing.

Title: Books-An Antidote to Boredom.

Precis: Life would be dim in the absence of books. Books provide all the excitement needed to make life interesting. Children find an outlet for boredom in books. They read children’s stories first and pass on adventure and exploitation books. Books keep them away from inactive activities.

2 thoughts on “Solved Précis Writing Examples, Rules & Format In PDF

  1. precise writing on ( Almost every country in the world believes that it has some special dispensation
    from Providence, that it is of the chosen people or race and that others, whether
    they are good or bad, are somewhat inferior creatures. It is extraordinary now
    this kind of feeling persists in all nations of East as well as of the West without
    exception. The nations of the East are strongly entrenched in their own ideas
    and convictions and sometimes in their own sense of superiority about certain
    matters. Anyhow in the course of the last two or three hundred years, they have
    received many knocks on the head, and they have been humiliated, and they
    have been debased and they have been humiliated, and they have been debased
    and they have been exploited. And so, despite their feeling that they were
    superior in many ways, they were forced to admit that they could be knocked
    about and exploited. To some extent, this brought a sense of realism to them.
    Three was also an attempt to escape from reality by saying that it was sad that
    we were not so advanced in material or technical things but that these were after
    all superficial things. Nevertheless, we were superior in essential things, in
    spiritual things and moral values. I have no doubt that spiritual things and moral
    values are ultimately more important than other things, but the way one finds
    escape in the thought that one is spiritually superior simply because one is
    inferior in a material and physical sense, is surprising. It does not follow by any
    means. It is an escape from facing up the causes of one’s degradation.)

    Please help me hurry up it’s my exam time

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