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Learn Quran Translation | ترجمۃ القران

Qualified Online Quran Tutors For Quran Translation In Urdu

Online Quran tutors and mentors at “Quran Teacher & Online Tutor” are licensed and experienced. A Quran tutor with high qualifications is a necessity in our community. Our tutors have profound expertise in Tajweed with Urdu translation to teach our Muslim children and adults.

All our tutors have tested through all background checks, and their qualification has been confirmed with their degrees and certificates. Our teachers can speak in numerous languages, specifically Urdu, English, Arabic, and Punjabi.

You and your mentor will love learning the Holy Quran online with our online Quran mentors and tutors. So, you can feel free to contact us on our provided phone number.

Uniqueness Of Our Teachers And Mentors
  • Multilingual Quran mentors
  • Highly certified Islamic teachers
  • Privacy and safety of our female students
  • Experienced and up-to-date tutors
  • Quran Learning opportunity for all countries
  • Kind-hearted and dedicated tutors
  • Motivated and lively tutors

We know that it is challenging for female students to search for female Quran tutors for Quran translation in Urdu. To provide the best solution for this problem, we have ladies’ mentors to take Quran classes for our female students. So, female students are completely safe and satisfied.

The student needs to have a Skype ID for taking Quran classes with us. We employ helpful mentors who can teach the translation of the Quran in Urdu word by word and Tafseer online on Skype.

The Quran translation course will provide an accurate translation, and you will be capable of translating the Quran correctly.

Urdu Translation Of The Quran
  • Our Urdu translation has been revised and approved.
  • The translation of every Quranic word.
  • The Urdu translation of every phrase to keep you away from any confusion.

All the tutors provide flexibility to the students. We offer the best services of certified tutors who will teach you the Urdu translation of the Quran with Tafseer at your home. We have fantastic recognition across the world, and the students are content with our mentors.

So, what are you looking for right now? Hurry up and join us for learning the Quran Translation online with our best Quran tutors.

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