Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions

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“Global challenges, biggest problems in the world and find solutions” is an essay/article to identify the Most concerning issues On the planet and Worldwide Difficulties. First, the global challenges of using the Millennium Project as a central tool in trying to predict the future are defined. Cooperation has been emphasized as one of the key points in tackling these challenges. Praise our great land. Since we live on a human planet, humanity must take care of this through cooperation between states and non-state actors. The international community must agree on challenges and solutions.

On the other hand, it still takes time to build a conscious community because even some experts do not agree on climate change, etc., so developed countries need to raise awareness of global challenges. As a result, Domino could have an impact on other states as well.

Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions Introduction

We live in a huge world that is changing day by day in the 21st Century. Many parameters are directly linked to this major change. Most of us are aware of these changes in our daily lives but the most important part of this awareness is about knowing their consequences. We cannot ignore the fact that these changes have some positive realities (progress) on human beings. On the other hand, most of these effects can lead to the extinction of the earth and/or humans. Certainly, all of these effects point to the term globalization. We cannot tackle global challenges without appreciating globalization.

At least we know that globalization is a process that has been going on for a hundred years. Globalization is a natural state for human beings. People benefit from the benefits offered by the world. However, such practical activities can cause some problems for humanity. At this point, it is more important to consider the negative effects of globalization than its positive effects.

  • Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions

Today’s world is more chaotic and unpredictable than at any other time in history. Definitions of the future determine our present. If we want to live in a safe world right now, we must be prepared for the problems of the future. Only if we do this can we make the world better in the future and the present? From this perspective, we should seek global solutions to global challenges, not state-centered solutions that are designated solutions linked to different types of states. Because we must not forget that we are basically citizens of the world.

In this article, I will try to emphasize the definition of global challenges. Also, I’ll embody my comments and predictions on these problems. I have used a variety of sources for my paper, but in general, I have benefited from the Millennium Project, a three-year feasibility study with the United Nations University, the Smithsonian Institution, Future Group International, and the American Council. It was later established in 1996, UNU. It is currently AN freelance non-profit international democratic futures analysis company operating for international organizations of futures, scholars, business planners, and policy manufacturers, governments, firms, NGOs, and universities.

Definition of the Biggest Problems in the World and Global Challenges

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions

First of all, it is really important to explain the global challenges. The term is really difficult to define because of the many definitions. There is no definitive definition of this term. As far as I’m concerned, the global challenges are the terrible consequences of globalization, which international actors, including citizens, states, NGOs, have to overcome. While I was looking for these definitions, I also saw that global affairs There are contradictions and global challenges.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, global meaning is related to the whole world. Challenge means a great mental or physical effort is required to perform it successfully, or the situation of facing such efforts means an article or There is a problem that people are thinking and talking about. As a result, if you are trying to tackle global challenges, it means you are tackling coercive issues more than global ones. Also, attempt international challenges need mental or physical effort and this suggests that it’s not enough to simply admit them.

On the other hand, according to Kirsten Geldorf, global challenges are defined as any major trend, shock, or development that has the potential for a serious global impact.

We must address these challenges in a coordinated manner. Global challenges cannot be presented by discriminating between them. They have to work in the indoor pool. Even so, owning one remains on the far side of the reach of the everyday person.

I think it would help you to know about the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions.

Classification of the Most concerning issues and Solutions

I have decided to use the Millennium Project classification but before that, I want to order the global challenges after Kirsten Glasdorf. According to him, the global challenges are as follows:

  1. Climate change
  2. Extreme poverty and inequality.
  3. Financial and economic crisis.
  4. Food crisis;
  5. Water scarcity.
  6. Energy-saving;
  7. Migration;
  8. Population growth and demographic change;
  9. Urban
  10. Health Epidemics and Infectious Diseases.

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions

As I mentioned earlier, I will meet the global challenges of the Millennium Project. This project highlights the 15 global challenges we are facing and the global community will face in the future. In Figure 1 we can see the global challenges according to this plan.

I have chosen this image because it is valuable in explaining the interconnected world order. In this global map, all the global challenges are intertwined and one movement in one global challenge affects everyone else. Therefore, we must consider them all equally and treat them in every way.

Current global challenges

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions;

The first challenge is the economic turn of events and climate change. Sustainable development is about the potential of our ecosystem. We have some resources that are not unlimited and we must carry them into the future for future generations. There are many definitions of sustainable development, but the most widely defined definition is a development that meets current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In this case, for the time being, humanity must respect natural resources and not forget that future generations will need resources like ours. Therefore, states and societies must take this issue seriously. There are some examples of sustainable development such as solar and wind energy, sustainable construction, crop rotation, water fixtures, etc.

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions;

The second part of the first challenge is climate change, which is a very trending topic today. Climate change is directly related to global warming. Global warming is the result of high levels of CO 2 in the air. This level of CO2 gives rise to another term called the greenhouse effect, which is associated with the growing ozone layer. This layer of ozone makes the earth’s climate habitable. Without it, the Earth’s surface would cool to an average of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the change in this level, the ice on the polar shells is melting and the sea level is rising. Also, it is harmful not only to humans but also to some kind of animal. Climate change is one of the most important challenges facing the world. The United States, for example, was hit by severe cold in 2014. Many people died because of this problem. The Earth’s normal temperature has risen 1.4 ° F in the course of the only remaining century and is relied upon to rise another 2 to 11.5 ° F over the course of the following hundred years.

If we do not take precautionary measures against climate change and its causes, it could be the end of humanity and our planet. The 68th Secretary of State of the United States, John Kerry, delivered a speech on climate change in Indonesia on 16/02/2014. In his speech, he noted that climate change is a reality and states must co-operate on the challenge. On the other hand, the United States signed the Kyoto Protocol on December 11, 1997, but ironically, the United States has not implemented this agreement.

In my opinion, the big actors (China, USA) should take the initiative on climate change and cooperate to tackle this issue. Moreover, climate change is also a big issue for Europe and European countries, meaning they have to do something about this challenge. Therefore, the European Union presented some views on climate change in 2013. A kind of strategy was dispatched by the European Commission.

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions;

The problem of clean drinking water. Freshwater is also an environmental challenge. Around 800 million individuals don’t approach clean water. At the point when we state clean water, it isn’t simply drinking water. This is also general hygiene. Hygiene is a problem for all of humanity. In Africa, for example, children suffer from hygiene problems. As I have said before, all regions can affect each other, so Africa can be a catastrophe for Europe, America, etc. Due to the unavailability of clean water, many people have died to this day. Access to clean water is a basic human right and governments must address this issue in human rights matters.

For example, China has a huge clean water project. The Chinese government has invested 60 60 billion in a project to divert water from the Yangtze River in the south to the dry north. The project is also a great example of sustainable construction.

People need water for agriculture for the world’s growing population. The population on earth is increasing. We estimate that the population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050, and according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), food production should increase by 70%. Therefore, we need more clean water to survive and thrive in the welfare world.

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions;

Resources vs Population The world’s population is growing rapidly and by 2050 there will probably be 9.1 billion people. This means that we need more resources. Therefore, people should work on how they can provide maximum food. In my opinion, it is possible to get a large amount of food supply in agriculture using new technologies. On the other hand, this challenge is not only about the supply of food but is also about the supply of energy to human beings, but this issue will be discussed later in the article.

In my opinion, this challenge could lead to a group of people we can call environmental migrants. This may not happen in the short term, but it is still possible that some people living in rare lands may move to some countries that have the potential for resources such as Canada.

To make democracy, In this case, we can talk about the Arab world as a good example. Protesters in Arab countries want democracy, the rule of law, and maximum social justice. This right, which depends on self-determination, can be defined by the people of a political area to determine their political status. freedom.

Certainly, Arab countries will not limit this challenge. Arab protesters tried to change their governments or political status. At the same time, some groups want independence, such as the Kurdish people in Turkey. For these people, it is also a process of democratization. In this case, Africa and the Middle East are in trouble. I think democracy is about education. An educated society can overcome this challenge and bring peace and stability to the world. The founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atat ترکیrk, said that the path to world peace comes from the peace of your own country.

Unfortunately, there are still many communities that do not have their own countries and this will be a big challenge for the world in the future. Also, many countries are not sovereign in the true sense of the word. For example, Freedom House notes that 51% of sub-Saharan Africa’s population lives in 21 countries with partially free status, 39% in 19 non-independent countries, and only 12% in 9 independent countries. Live If these countries democratize and define their status, the world will change because of this challenge.

Especially in Africa, there are still many epidemics like AIDS, tuberculosis, etc. However, the improvement has reduced the damage of these diseases to human beings in the 21st century. This situation could worsen in the future if some diseases are created by bio-terrorist groups.

Decision-making ability, In my opinion, this challenge is linked to the process of globalization. Day by day everything is taking on a new complex shape. People are trying to observe and satisfy this process, but changing human beings is not so easy.

This leads to contradictions in the decision-making process. The new complex decision-making process inevitably has an impact on state policies. States are becoming uncertain actors in foreign policy and this serves us a changed and unreliable international agenda and the unprecedented initiatives of states.

Long-term perspectives for predicting the future of the world, It is important to have a perspective on all kinds of global challenges. This helps international actors to predict and block challenges before they arise. In my view, such measures should be combined. States want to share all information with international organizations. In this way, the global community can prepare for challenges and take some action against problems.
As I mentioned at the beginning of my article, if we work on the future, we save the present. The future may be affected by such action. However, the future cannot be predicted, but, we can create at least some possible scenarios using this tool.

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions;

Global exchange of IT, The 21st century is the engine of information and communication technology. Nearly everyone approaches the internet and it is precariously changing the world. This means that the society can get all the information about the subject about which they want to get some information. There are many aspects to being well-educated in this process. On the other hand, we can see the negative effects of information and communication technologies like terrorism.

The growing distance between rich and poor, The next challenge is economic inequality between people or even between states. This is a serious problem nowadays and there are many reasons for this difference but in my opinion, the most important reason is education. When we look at the weaker sections of society, they are usually illiterate. On the other hand, this does not mean that they deserve to live in inequality. According to the World Bank, extreme poverty accounts for 20% of the world’s population.

This gap between rich and poor states can lead to terrorism and wars, Therefore, it would be good for rich countries to solve this problem logically. Also, in my opinion, governments can give poor people the benefit of domestic political power and reward poor people with some consolation for their votes in elections. To me, this is a huge problem for the world order. Poor people or developing countries may resent rich parties, and this feeling can lead to the collapse of stable world order and result in wars.

Even in the United States (the superpower, the police of the international system), there is a great deal of economic inequality. For example, since mid-2009, about 95% of US income has been earned by 1% of its citizens. Now, even powerful finances fear growing inequality between the rich and the poor.
My solution to this challenge is to start with education and thus remove the barriers between rich and poor in the sense of sociology. Also, providing social assistance to the unemployed to solve this problem. Not a good idea. I think it’s encouraging poor people not to work.

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions;

Health issues, Health issues have always been a challenge for humanity. Science has advanced and cures for many diseases have been discovered. Despite the improvement, there are still many health challenges. For example, in the 21st century, one billion people do not have access to health care.

Peace and conflict, In my opinion, peace is a natural state of affairs for modern societies. There is lasting peace in modern societies but there are still conflicts on earth. In particular, there are issues of political and ethnic tendencies in Africa and the Middle East. Furthermore, the concept of conflict may refer to external or internal affairs.
According to realists, people are seeking power and it depends on the conflict of interests of the international system. Based on this idea, interest groups, terrorist groups, states, non-state actors, ethnic groups, religious groups are the biggest cause of conflict.

From this point of view, conflict exists when two or more parties know that their interests are conflicting, express hostile attitudes, or pursue their interests through actions that harm the other parties. Is. These parties can be individuals, small or large groups, and countries.
In my opinion, there is no need to physically attack these movements that are harming the other parties. Also, they may include psychological issues, economic warfare, etc., as they cause violence. According to the United Nations, all forms of violence are prohibited.

Therefore, we must solve these problems in harmony. At the same time, we must fight terrorist groups and organized crime groups. These groups are a source of undisputed war and instability in the world. Conflicts can also depend on different cultures. We must promote cultural awareness and societies must be open-minded and tolerant of other cultures. That way, we can minimize the risk of conflict.

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions;

The status of women, The United Nations has defined violence against women as an act of gender-based violence that results in women suffering physical, sexual, or mental harm or suffering, including such acts as coercion. And there are the dangers of complacency. The hardship of freedom, regardless of whether openly or private life.

There are many problems in the world regarding violence against women. It doesn’t matter what kind of violence they are. According to the rule of law, all genders are equal in the sense of social, economic, physical rights, and freedom of thought. Also, we should try to establish and maintain the opposite discrimination against women.

Unfortunately, women often work in poor conditions and at the same time, they are paid less. There are some barriers for women in terms of the participation rate in forced labor. According to the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a 57% participation rate, but that does not mean that women have real equality. Also, most of these women do not have health coverage and/or are victims of abuse.

Furthermore, WHO analysis with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Medical Research Council found that 35% of women worldwide experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence. What is it?

At the moment, I claim that this rate is not real. The real rate is higher than this rate. Only because of this can we see psychological violence against women because we are not clear about their bad experiences. Most women are trying to hide these tragic events out of fear. Especially in Arab countries, Kurdish society, and Africa, women are not seen as human beings. We must stop this kind of action against women. At the same time, some organizations, such as the WHO, the United Nations Office for Gender Equality, and Women’s Empowerment, are working to prevent this abuse of human rights.

Essay on the Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions;

International organized crime, International organized crime is a complex term that includes many crimes such as money laundering, cybercrime, and human, drug, and arms trafficking. Struggling with international organized crime groups is really difficult because, in general, they are corrupt with some states and officials.

International organized crime groups are closely linked to terrorist groups. There are some strategies to tackle this challenge but they are not enough to stop it. We need real cooperation between societies to gain power and between states without covert intent. The United Nations, the White House, Interpol have added international organized crime to their list of challenges, but we need a concerted effort between these big actors against these criminals.

Energy, we should consider this challenge in terms of renewable resources rather than renewable ones. In general, we use renewable energy such as geothermal energy, biomass, solar energy, water energy, wind energy, etc. such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear fuel.

According to one view, the use of renewable resources (view of sustainable development) is not logical because they are not infinite and will soon run out. We must ask ourselves what future generations will do without these resources. Furthermore, if we consider the ecological balance, these resources are detrimental to the health of the earth.
Countries like the United States are working on the use of renewable energy. The United States has built the world’s largest solar plant. Some criticize the plan, saying it would upset the ecological balance in the settlement, but in my opinion, it is better than using non-renewable energy. We should promote such a project on international agendas. If we don’t care about energy, it can lead to a major chaos in the future, such as living without electricity and/or water, wars, and so on.

Science and technology, Advances in science and technology enable access to science and technology (S&T) knowledge. For example, free online university courses are spreading and sharing open-source hardware and software production resources. Also emerging capabilities of web-based learning systems, adaptive learning models such as genetic algorithms, collective intelligence systems.

Global ethics, The protest shows that there is sensitivity in making immoral decisions by the ruling elite. The world is still trying to stop the spread of immoral decisions that led to the 2008 financial crisis. This proves that there is a link between ethics and economics. There is no protection against the global crisis. Although S&T is improving, it will give rise to future ethical issues, for example, if it is possible for a single individual in the future to build and deploy a bio-weapon of mass destruction. 160 nations and the European Union approved the International Convention in 2012. It is the only way to unite global anti-corruption efforts. Today, 12-27 million people are slaves compared to the height of the nineteenth century. Slavery is the cause of organized crime. We need to inculcate ethics in global decisions. We likewise need to energize regard for genuine specialists.

Global challenges and predictions about the world in the next 20 years

In this chapter, I want to talk about the global challenges that I predict we will face in 20 years.

I think we have forgotten that we are alive by nature and our life is based on oxygen. Humanity is destroying the nature of the earth. Some people ignore the fact that there is climate change and underestimate the consequences of this significant climate change. Nevertheless, 97% of the climate agrees that humans are causing global warming. This is the result of a growing population. No one can adapt to the population problem. If we do not stop harming our planet, it will be the end of this life. I think states will meet this challenge because they are aware of climate change. It can help people take action against climate change. I hope it won’t take long to save our planet.

On the other hand, sustainable development can become a necessity because people think that the planet is affected and we have to protect our planet to save our lives. If we fully implement the ‘sustainable development thinking’, we can reduce global warming, thus protecting new generations. In this context, developed states should consider it their duty because these states are more likely to harm natural resources than others. Also, these states should use solar energy and wind energy. I hope that mankind will now think of sustainable development in 20 years.

Humanity cannot live without water, especially freshwater. Therefore, we should protect fresh water and use some materials to clean it. If we don’t protect freshwater, we will fight each other, maybe not in 20 years, but we have to think about this danger. Once again, developed states must take responsibility because their factories pollute freshwater. We can hold conferences on conserving clean water for developing states as it develops new technologies.

Another major problem is population growth which can lead to major economic problems as the population of developed states is increasing while the population of poor states is ‘growing’. From this point of view, our planet will deteriorate and the level of hunger may increase. Therefore, we must follow some population policies because developed states will need a younger population. At any time, these differences can make a huge difference between rich and poor because poor states, companies, people will be poorer, and rich states, companies, people will be richer. This matter will be dangerous for all humanity. I think we need to find a balance between these parties and at the same time provide for the welfare of the whole world.

Another issue to deal with is the status of women, This issue can be debated because there are different places for women in the world. In poorer countries with more populations than developing states, women do not get that much respect. Moreover, this respect will not increase beyond today. This is a frustrating but possible idea. On the positive side, women can gain more status and respect than they do today because the world will develop, and developed states can have an impact on other parts of the world. We need to create some conferences, companies, organizations to fight for the right status for women. In this way, we can provide equality between women and men.

Over the next 20 years, technologies and science will change. States and companies will develop new technologies, machines, and methods as they use competition and want to put their technologies into practice. Thus, we can say that there will be progress in the health sector respectively. Emphasis should be placed on freshwater safety concerning health and sanitary conditions. However, the risk of an increase in organized crime may be matched by the development of new weapons and technologies, and as a result, access to information will become easier. Sadly, progress can make our lives better or worse.

After all, peace and conflict can be linked to democratic peace ideology because ideologues say that democratic states do not fight each other but dictatorial states do. Therefore, states must choose a democratic system for democratic peace. In this way, a difficult world can become more democratic and lasting peace. It can be seen in the Arab Spring. In undemocratic or dictatorial states, the people wanted to reach democracy and enjoy human rights. On the other hand, the growing population may not allow this development because the poor and undemocratic states have a “larger population than democracies.” However, we can provide a more democratic and stable world through new developments in 20 years.


The purpose of this article is to identify Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions. OL, global challenges were praised and the Millennium Project was used as a central resource. In the meantime, I tried to predict the future. Cooperation in dealing with problems was mentioned as one of the most important points.

We live on a human planet and humanity must take care of it. We should appreciate this great land. This can be achieved through collusion between states and non-state actors. The international community must agree on challenges and solutions. On the other hand, we still need some time to build an informed society because even some experts do not agree with climate change. Developed countries need to raise awareness, especially about global challenges, and this could have a domino effect in other states as well.

In my opinion, cooperation between states is not enough without the Third World and developing countries. I think cooperation in tackling these challenges is a realistic move because of our nature. Even if you are a realist, you want to prolong your life because of human nature according to realistic theory. Therefore, people need to work together on these challenges even if we are talking about power struggles and conflicts of interest. Because it is of great interest to the world community to prolong our life and the life of the earth.

I hope that the international community will soon agree on at least the basic sub-regions on global challenges. In particular, major powers such as China and the United States should mobilize states for cooperation. Dealing with global challenges is superior to the politics of states.

Appreciate me by commenting about Biggest Problems in the World and Solutions.

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