9th Class Past Papers of Boards in English & Urdu Medium

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9th Class Past Papers of Boards in English & Urdu Medium are available here. Past Papers are as important as all 9th class subjects to gain good marks easily. All Punjab boards Past papers for both the English and Urdu Medium could be downloaded easily on pastpapers-result.pk

9th Class Past Papers of All Punjab Boards

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9th Class Past Papers of All 9th Subjects

9th Urdu Medium Subject List

  • Arabic Past Papers of 9th Class
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Civics 
  • Computer science 
  • Economics 
  • Education 
  • English
  • General Math 
  • General Science 
  • Health And Physical Education 
  • History of Islamic India 
  • Home Economics 
  • Islamiat Compulsory 
  • Islamiat Elective 
  • Math Past 
  • Pak Studies
  • Physics
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu

9th English Medium Subject List

  • Biology Past Papers 9th Class

Last 5 Years Old Papers

As you know the previous five years old papers have as great importance in reading 9th Class for exam preparation, as Model Lesson Plans for B.ed, M.ed & M.A Education. By solving and preparing these past papers, you can easily prepare for Exams after reading the book.

How to Download Subjective and Objective Papers for Group 1 or Group 2

You can download Subjective and objective papers together in a single paper by clicking on group 1 or group 2 here. If you click on group 1, both the subjective paper and objective paper of group 1 will start to download at once, and the same is for group 2.

How to Prepare Exams through Previous Boards Exams

If you have not used past exam papers before, I hope you can now see the value in using them during revision and exam preparation. Practicing past exam papers helps to fine-tune key exam techniques and to refresh understanding of key phrases or terminology. It also helps in terms of time management so that vital time is not wasted on short answer questions that allocate only a few marks.

When to read them, Best time to read

After finishing your entire 9th Subject List of the syllabus once or twice, When you enter the revision or repetition phase, it is the best time to read the papers. But the most effective and tried method is that you read anyone subject completely according to the syllabus and then also read the previous paper so that you can fully understand that your paper How to take or how to ask your question.

A common mistake that hits your Highest Marks by 50%

I think it is important to tell you about a common mistake that most students do this because they do not read the syllabus. Only read the previous paper which results in failure to achieve the desired results or highest marks. Papers do help students in this situation, but the benefits that papers get after completing the curriculum cannot be achieved in any way in this case. So if you want to get the best marks in the annual paper of any of your subjects, you have to read the subjects and then solve their papers once or twice.

If you do not want to read all the subjects then there is no problem. You should read it first in relation to your selective subjects and then download the papers and solve them so that you can get good marks with good preparation.

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