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Deputy District Officer Civil Defence PPSC Solved Past Papers
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PPSC Solved Past Papers In PDF have great importance for the preparation of different ppsc exams like; Civil Defence, Auqaf Department, and Anti-corruption Establishment.

Here, You can download all the BS Wise Papers for BS-9, BS-14, BS-15, BS-16, BS-17, BS-18, and BS-19 etc.

How To Prepare PPSC Papers?

It is important to know that PPSC conducts One MCQ type paper of 100 Marks in written form with 90 minutes duration. 50% of the paper is based on the questions of General Knowledge from Islamiyat (Islamic Studies) and History.

The other 50% of PPSC paper is based on the questions of a specific subject/subjects of candidate’s qualification.

Download all the solved old papers for the exam preparation of PPSC.

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PPSC Solved Past Papers

Deputy District Officer Civil Defence PPSC Solved Past Papers

Deputy District Officer Civil Defence PPSC Solved Past Papers for district officer, chief staff officer, provincial rescue officer, deputy district officer civil defense are available to get here with answer keys.

  1. District Officer Civil Defence In the Punjab Home Department Past Papers, BS-16 PPSC PAPES
  2. Deputy District Officer Civil Defence Past Papers in Civil Defence
  3. Chief Staff Officer PPSC Past Papers in Civil Defence
  4. Past Papers for Provincial Rescue officer in Civil Defence
What Is Civil Defence? PPSC Solved Past Papers

Civil defense is essential in modern times for a modern civilized society. Because Civil Defense is ready to protect any person, property, place, or anything during an enemy attack, whether by air, land, or sea. In times of peace, humanity faces the second most dangerous catastrophe, whether man-made or natural.

Civil Defense is a civilian organization that minimizes the impact of any action by the enemy. To put it bluntly, it is designed to serve the victims and take action to minimize the loss of life and property caused by enemy bombings and land and sea attacks. It aims to restore normalcy in essential services, industrial units, and other walks of life after the attack.

Civil defence meaning in Urdu
ایک جدید مہذب معاشرے کے لئے جدید دور میں سول ڈیفنس بہت ضروری ہے۔ چونکہ شہری دفاع کسی بھی شخص ، املاک ، جگہ ، یا کسی بھی دشمن حملے کے دوران کسی بھی چیز کے تحفظ کے لئے تیار رہتا ہے ، خواہ وہ ہوائی ، زمین یا سمندر سے ہو۔ امن کے اوقات میں انسانیت کو دوسری سب سے خطرناک آفات کا سامنا کرنا پڑتا ہے چاہے وہ انسان ساختہ ہو یا فطری۔

Our country cannot afford to take full measures of civil defense in the whole country as it requires immense resources and expenditure. Involved in taking action.

Disaster means an event that in most cases occurs suddenly and without warning or symptoms, causing severe distress to people, objects, and the environment, resulting in loss of precious lives, property, and the health of the population. Happens. Such a situation leads to disruption of normal life patterns, misfortune, helplessness, and trouble affecting the socio-economic structure of the region/country to such an extent that there is a need for assistance or immediate external intervention. ۔

To build a strong civil defense structure, there is an urgent need to raise awareness among students in schools, colleges, and other such institutions about the existence of civil defense and its important/indispensable role in disaster management. Because students are the savior of our country’s future.


Despite our country’s efforts to pursue a policy of peace, harmony, and friendship at home and abroad, our country has recently been subjected to naked aggression by an unprincipled enemy. Therefore, we must be prepared with life and property protection plans for such situations. Our best insurance for peace is to prepare for war and be prepared for all emergencies. We must also strengthen our strength so that the enemy does not risk war with us. Our civil defense must be as strong as our military capability.

What is a civil Defence job?

Civil Defense measures are designed to deal with emergencies immediately, protect the public and restore critical services and facilities that have been destroyed or destroyed.

Civil Defense It is easy to understand that Civil Defense provides the safety and basic needs of the entire community so that life can return to normal in emergencies. This includes rescue, evacuation, first aid, and casualty training for the civilian population.

What does civil defense mean in Pakistan?

A system of security measures and emergency relief activities carried out by civilians in the event of an enemy attack, sabotage, or natural disaster.

Do the civil Defence get paid Well?

Apart from paying for travel and survival costs, in some cases, Civil Defense volunteers do not get any success in making themselves available for training, exercises, or operations.

What is the work of the District Officer Civil Defence?

Collection of land revenue, restoration of land records, land reform, stabilization of holdings, etc. Recovery of income tax dues, excise duty, irrigation dues etc. Distribution of agricultural loans. Disaster management during natural disasters such as floods, famines or epidemics.

How can I become a DCO in Pakistan?

A graduate-qualified candidate is eligible for the position. Depending on the qualification criteria, the aspirant to become an Assistant Commissioner in Pakistan can win three ways:

Pass the CSS exam. The candidate should be pass in Group of CSS.
Pass the PMS exam or the ministerial staff of the Civil Secretariat have participated for promotion as PMS Officer (Scale 17). This also qualifies him for posting as Assistant Commissioner. Eligible for Scale 17, preferably with a law degree and at least 2 years of service.

What is meant by DCO?

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) is a display advertising technology that creates customized ads based on data about the viewer when presenting an ad. … Dynamic creative advertisers can also automatically optimize ad creations based on distribution and multi-title testing.

Who were the three main officers of a district?

Tehsildars and Deputy Tehsildars in the district are assisted by Revenue staff: –

  • Officer
  • Assistant officer
  • Field officer
  • Peshi Officer
  • Agricultural Officer
  • Patwaris
  • In the districts of Pakistan, Tehsildars and Deputy Tehsildars perform the duties of Sub-Registrar and Joint Sub-Registrar respectively.
What is the duty of DC?

The Deputy Commissioner coordinates the work of all government offices within the district, coordinates, and oversees the law and order situation in the district. It is the primary disaster relief agency, whether it is a fire, a flood or a drought.

What is the Salary of DC?

The salary of DCO or DCO is Rs. 70,000 while that of Provincial Secretary is Rs. 100,000. The successful candidates are directly appointed as 17th scale officers and the monthly salary for beginners is around Rs. 30,000 which is gradually increased. Salary increases after CTP.

What is a chief staff officer?

The Chief Staff Officer is the highest-paid employee with the responsibilities of overseeing the management of the Association, meeting the goals of the members and the Board, and overseeing the organization’s philosophy.

What are the duties of a chief of staff?

The Chief of Staff usually works behind the scenes to resolve issues, resolve disputes and deal with them before bringing the matter to the Chief Executive. Chiefs of officers usually act as the authority and advisor to the chief executive, acting as a soundboard for ideas.

What rank is a staff officer?

In most military units (ie, battalions, regiments, and brigades), the operations officer has the same rank as the executive officer (XO) but ranks third in the unit’s chain of command, while other staff officers are one rank lower.

What is the salary of the chief of staff & ASP in Pakistan?

In BS-17, ASPs and DSPs will get Rs 45,550 per month as scheduled post allowance, while in BS-18, SPs will get Rs 57,525 and in BS-19, SSPs will get Rs 88. 815 will be received. DIGs residing in BS20 will get Rs 103,635 per month while AIGs serving in BS21 will receive Rs 115,080 per month.

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