How To Organize Yourself | Ways to Stop Self Destruction

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How To Organize Yourself | Ways to Stop Self Destruction; In this fast-paced life, man has become a machine part devoid of emotions. Have I, you, or all of us, running away with the passing of time, wondered for a few moments, whether our lives are for ourselves, not just all the longings, all the unfulfilled desires, the dreams that seek the interpretation we want, Is a combination whose final result will be zero.

Ways To Organize Yourself & Ways to Stop Self Destruction

There will be moments in our lives that are purely “we will find contentment and comfort with ourselves.

There so many questions but it(How To Organize Yourself | Ways to Stop Self Destruction) will be a complete answer for the following questions if you take it in depth.

  • How to be organized for school
  • How to be organized at home
  • How to be organized at work
  • How to be more organized at home
  • How to organize your life on paper
  • Areas of life to organize
  • How to be organized at work and home
  • Ways to Stop Self Destruction
  • Root of self-destructive behavior

Root Of Self-Destructive Behavior

It is true that life is a death well of unfulfilled desires in which immediately after the fulfillment of one desire another desire arises and while fulfilling these desires man loses the breath of his life.

  • Ever wondered how much you have spent your life for yourself?
  • How much do you know about yourself? Have you ever named just a few moments out of the years, months, weeks, hours, minutes, or seconds of a busy life?
  • Have you ever tested your thinking for yourself?
  • How much do you know about yourself?
  • what do you want?
  • How much do you love yourself?
  • How confident are you in yourself?
  • What is your happiness?
  • How confident are you?
  • How confident are you about yourself?
  • Have you ever asked yourself how much of a process you have in your own life?
  • Have you ever listened to the whispers of your heart by taking off the shell of other people’s expectations and desires for a few moments?
  • Have you ever spent many months and years of your life trying to make people believe that I am a great person and that my creations are wonderful?

How important is the opinion of others? How much do you value the

  • Opinion of others?
  • What does time want?
  • What do people say?

He has always tested himself on the scale of others. Ever asked himself this question that …

  • Did you build the society or did the society make you?
  • Ever seen yourself in love?
  • He has seen himself in the mirror shown by others all his life. Has he ever refined his own will and happiness by showing himself to himself in the mirror?

Ever talked to yourself and made yourself believe that I am as I am, I am just like that, anyone like me is like that, it is impossible.

  • Why do we live day and night in the cycle of pleasing others?
    Have you ever felt free to see birds flying in the blue sky?
  • Ever put colorful, bright blossoming flowers on the palm of your hand like an innocent child and instilled in your caste the carelessness of childhood?
  • Ever smiled for no reason at all just to satisfy yourself?
  • Have you ever tried to listen to the silence of your caste by pausing for a few moments in the noise of the outside world?
  • Have you ever focused for a few moments on the tangled door of yourself while tackling this life related to the expectations of others?

If you have never done this, you will think that you have to pay your dues. Learn to love yourself, to appreciate yourself, to believe in yourself, to trust and rely on yourself. More and more, the right belongs to your caste. Play it …

just think!

Do not waste yourself for the sake of God, for you are the best of all creatures.

How To Organize Yourself And Your Life Really?

Much is said and written about living an orderly life. Of course, if we live life in an orderly way, we can do more. We should know that How To Organize Yourself | Ways to Stop Self Destruction.

Because unorganized life means wasting time and just dreaming due to cheap laziness. Because just dreaming doesn’t make life beautiful.

Man can do anything in this world, but it requires determination, courage, perseverance, dedication, and hard work, as well as a thorough and systematic plan.

I have been working on this subject for half a century. This is a very old thing from our school days, when we used to teach in school, that is, more than half a century ago.

Our school teacher Qureshi Sahib (I don’t remember his full name) always told us how to create a timetable and follow it. He used to teach us arts subjects but he often insisted on making the best use of his time. From that time onwards, I also developed a passion for creating a timetable and following it.

I have been working diligently on this subject, read many books, and now watch many videos from YouTube, etc.

And I have been following it for many years. If you want to do a lot in life, get up now and start organizing your life right away, don’t procrastinate. Pick up a copy pencil or laptop.

It’s better to have a computer because modern technology has made it easier to manage life and make the best use of your time.

How To Be organized

First of all, write everything, in any language on InPage or Microsoft Word. Write down everything, your duties, responsibilities, your desires, your aspirations, whatever you want to do in life.

If you want more ease, get help from Qur’an and Hadith, what do we have to do?

After writing everything, set goals, then work on creating a timetable. For this, if you use Microsoft One Note, it will be best because you will be able to see whatever you do on it on your mobile phone and you will not have to open your computer again and again.

One Note does not have language restrictions. , Ie you can write in Urdu and other languages ​​besides English.

List your regular responsibilities in the daily timetable from time to time, as well as the tasks you want to do. Make full use of the 24 hours.

Once you have a timetable, follow it for a month and don’t tolerate any kind of laziness.

Plan weekly, monthly and yearly after one month. When planning and scheduling or altering your schedule, don’t feel that time is wasted because you are planning to make the best use of your time.

Include in your planning the rights of God, the rights of worship, study, and your work to the fullest.

There will be some things you have to do every day. Some work once or twice a week, some work a few times a month, and some work a few times a year. Such as Eid, Baqara Eid, Ramadan, etc. Include them in the annual plan.

Review your planning, especially the implementation of the daily timetable, at the end of each month and adjust it as needed. Sometimes some tasks will suddenly interrupt and disturb your timetable, including emergencies, such as illness or death, but they will also be necessary.

Keep adjusting to such tasks daily. Implement your timetable diligently for three months, if you have implemented your plan 70%, then you are sure that you are very successful.

But it is not a matter of a few months, it must continue for a lifetime. It will have to make annual as well as five-year plans.

After ten or twelve years, you will be able to live life to the fullest and desired and fulfill your dreams.

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