Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers | Teachers Rights

Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers Teachers Rights
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Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers | Teachers Rights; Teachers are the backbone of society. They are role models for children, offer guidance and dedication, and empower young people. Because of teachers, countries can develop more socially and economically.

What Are The Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers | Teachers Rights

People don’t like to read and write about the teachers who are the actual hero of a whole country.

The most important roles and responsibilities that a teacher performs to develop a nation by leading a child to an officer and an officer to a civilized personality must be appreciated.

It means simply we should give respect and honour to our teachers so that they can work hard as much as they can.

What are the responsibilities of a teacher in the community?

A teacher is responsible for developing lesson plans and educating students at all levels. Their duties include assigning homework, grading exams, and documenting progress. Teachers should be able to teach a variety of subjects and pass on lessons to students.

How should the state protect the rights of teachers?

In recognition of these heroic deeds, the state should honor public school teachers by allowing them to carry the Philippine flag in their pockets. It should protect the rights of teachers such as office hours, educational freedom, tax breaks, and other benefits.

For example, the government should greatly facilitate the welfare of public school teachers by providing programs to promote and improve their economic status.

The famous conqueror Alexander the Great praised his teacher, saying, “If Aristotle were alive, thousands of Alexanders would be ready, but thousands of Alexanders together could not give birth to a single Aristotle.” “My father is the elder who brought me down from heaven to earth, but my teacher is the great elder who took me from earth to heaven.

” Aristotle taught Alexander the Great that “every man is a servant of God and Everyone has a birthright to live a dignified life. ”Alexander the Great never forgot his teacher’s golden principles.

Well, Aristotle was a teacher and Alexander was a disciple, but even today, all the great personalities in the world are shining like bright stars, behind their success is the full hand of one or another teacher.

Man’s dignity and specialty lies in his strength, intellect, and thought. The person who explains this is the teacher.

One of the main reasons for the degradation of the entire nation today is the lack of respect for teachers.

There is no doubt that this is the age of materialism, everyone has left behind even their moral values ​​in their efforts to get ahead in this race.

Because the whole society is in its grip and the society is made up of individuals. Therefore, teachers have also become part of the same race, moral values ​​have been lost, instead of education for worship, education has remained for education and education has been weighed on material scales.

However, matter is not everything, but moral values ​​are humanity. The key to success is that the top officials should realize that the best teachers are needed to build a trained society, but unfortunately the lust for power and the race for the interests of the rulers far from the well-being of the people.

Where will they make the best teachers, they are humiliating the teachers in every way. By the way, every department and institution is taking the last sobs of its death, but where the educational institutions reach this stage. To make their teachers bearded and poor, not to know the importance of education, there is no hope of any kind of development and prosperity.

Ever since the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) came to power, everyone has been mired in a quagmire of problems. Inflation, unemployment, compulsion, and poverty are reaching extremes.

Teachers have also been affected by these conditions, which is why all teachers across Punjab have staged a sit-in protest in front of the Islamabad Parliament House.

Along with them, clerks, Class IV employees, and non-teaching staff are also participating in the protest. The regulars are demanding new recruitments for the vacant seats.

Their demands are not wrong, because, in this era of inflation, the financially distressed teacher will not educate and train the children. On the other hand, the country’s government employees, pensioners, The All Pakistan Employees, Pensioners’ Labor Movement (APTM), an alliance of more than 60 unions of industrialists and workers, has announced a protest in front of Parliament House, disillusioned with the attitude of the negotiating committee set up by the Prime Minister.

The government is committed to the formula of giving lollypop to everyone. The illiteracy of this nation is proof that scholars are not valued here. The value of knowledge is a sign of ignorance. It is true that some teachers also do their duty but do not pay well. Because of such teachers, the value of all has decreased.

But in addition to teaching teachers, many duties are taken, perhaps they are considered relatively free of others. About this class, I am speaking in a subdued and open language.

The performance of teachers is being criticized, they are being accused of being involved in politics. At one time the teacher was the architect of the nation.

Although, In those days, they passed matriculation and had nominal training, they were trusted, but nowadays the teacher is being discouraged, which is not true at all.

Prime Minister Imran Khan always gives the example of Singapore’s development to the people. But why not adopt the root cause of economic development and prosperity there.

Because the best education system is the key to development. Singapore’s education system is the key to the world. The rulers there aim to make Singapore the richest, most developed, and educated country in the world.

They have got highly educated teachers to raise the standard of their education. Excellent salaries of teachers The salary of a new teacher in Singapore starts from 1800 to 3300 dollars per month.

In addition to the salary, he also gets overtime and bonus. He spends 20% of the government budget on education. This is the same region.

Is the poorest country in Asia, gained independence from Malaysia in 1965, no one but the elite had access to education, half the population was illiterate, no natural resources, they relied on their people. Make your place in the world by investing.

If a small country like Singapore can do all this in a short period, then Pakistan has been blessed with innumerable blessings by the Almighty.

There are no demands of the protesting teachers, clerks, which cannot be met. They have been bringing their grievances to the rulers for a long time, but no hearing has taken place.

Now they have no choice but to protest and sit-in. It remains to be seen how the dignity of teachers is restored in sit-ins. The problem is that the Imran Khan PTI government same like PMLN, does not take any protest seriously.

We should respect our teachers at all levels of age. We should take care of the Roles and Responsibilities of Teachers | Teachers Rights. Because they are our spiritual fathers. And it is a very common thing to understand that a spiritual relationship is much better than a physical relation.

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