BA/BSc/ADP English Sentence Correction Rules Examples/Answers

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BA/BSc/ADP English Sentence Correction Rules Examples | Questions/Answers Pdf Notes are the easy guess paper to know How to change the correct sentence. We have provided you a portion of All Sentence Correction Rules, where you can easily prepare;

  • Sentence Correction Rules with Examples
  • Correction of Sentences Questions with Answers

In the first partSentence Correction Rules with Examples“, we will share with you the sentence correction notes pdf of the Most important 100 Correction Rules.

These rules are easy to understand along with practical examples. You’ll gain 100% marks in the examination if you follow them and practice them willingly.

In the second partCorrection of Sentences Questions with Answers“, we will provide you 150+ Correction Questions with Answers taken from the past papers of different universities.

Now, you can easily understand what you can gain by practicing past papers correction.

It is the best way to prepare the correction and to solve the past papers at once.

English Grammar Correction Rules NotesRead & Download
ADP English Grammar Correction Rules1-10
BA English Grammar Correction Rules11-20
BSc English Grammar Correction Rules21-30
BS English Grammar Correction Rules31-40
MA English Grammar Correction Rules41-50
MSc English Grammar Correction Rules51-60
NTS English Grammar Correction Rules61-70
CSS English Grammar Correction Rules71-80
PPSC English Grammar Correction Rules81-90
NTS English Grammar Correction Rules91-100
Sentence Correction Rules Pdf Notes
150+ Correction Past Papers Questions & AnswersRead & Download
ADP English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers1-10
BA English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers11-20
BSc English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers21-30
BS English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers31-40
MA English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers41-50
MSc English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers51-60
NTS English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers61-70
CSS English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers71-80
PPSC English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers81-90
FPSC English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers91-100
English Grammar Correction Questions & Answers101-110
English Correction Questions & Answers111-120
Grammar Correction Questions & Answers121-130
Correction Questions & Answers From Past Papers131-140
Sentence Correction Rules Past Papers Practical Questions & Answers Notes

Why Correction is Important in English Exams?

Correction of Sentences with Answers is important in the following exams;

  • ADP Sentence Correction Rules
  • BSc Correction of Sentences with Answers
  • BA Sentence Correction Rules
  • MA/MSc Correction of Sentences with Answers
  • Sentence Correction CSS
  • PPSC Correction of Sentences with Answers
  • FPSC Sentence Correction
  • NTS Sentence Correction

Often when students hear that he was failed in b.a. correction, they begin to think it is difficult, although the reality is the opposite.

Since correction is related to grammar and grammar is based on certain rules and regulations that are essential for understanding any language.

As you know, English has become an international language, so to understand it, its principles are as important as understanding the language.

This is why it is important to correct grammatical errors in almost all English language exams.

100 Correction Rules & 150 Solved Sentences From Past Papers In PDF File

It is a preview of Correction Rules and their practical examples with a complete solution. But for detail and better understanding, you should follow this helpful post by watching Videos Lectures and reading Pdf Files.

Important 100 Sentence Correction Rules with Examples

Here, you are provided 10 Correction Rules in file and post also. Same like the rules, you will have to correct 10 sentences taken from the past papers correction portion.

Videos Lectures and reading Pdf Files for every series of 10 sentences of past papers correction and 10 Correction Rules, will make your English Grammar correction Preparation easy, very well, and perfect for any academic (ADP, BA, BSc) or competitive (CSS, PPSC, FPSC, NTS) exams.

Rules for Correction of Sentence in English Grammar for BA,BSc,ADP,CSS,PPSC,NTS,LLB,FA,FSc,ICOM,BCOM
Pdf Notes For Rules of Sentence Correction with Solved Examples
1): – Learn, Teach, Know”کے بعد“to + V1 کی بجائے (How to + V1 آئے گا۔

He knows to read a newspaper. (Incorrect)
He knows how to read a newspaper. (Correct)

2): – جب کوئی جانور اپنی نسل کی نمائندگی کرئے اس سے پہلے “The” لگتا ہے۔

The dog is a faithful animal. (Incorrect)
The dog is a faithful animal. (Correct)

3): – “Few” , کا مطلب کوئی نہیں اور “A Few” کا مطلب چند “اور یہ تعداد کیلئے استعمال ہوتے ہیں۔

I have a few books. (Incorrect)
I have a few books. (Correct)

4): – “Little” کے معنی “کچھ نہیں” اور “A Little” کا مع معنی “تھوڑا سا” اور ” مقدار کیلئے استعمال ہوتے ہیں

There is little milk in the jug. (Incorrect)
There is a little milk in the jug. (Correct)

Verb/Pronoun – :(5 فاعل کے مطابق ہو گا۔

Every one of these girls are learning their lesson. (Incorrect)
Every one of these girls is learning their lesson. (Correct)

6): – “Lest” کے بعد “Should” آئے گا۔

He works hard lest he may fail. (Incorrect)
He works hard lest he should fail. (Correct)

7): – جہاں فاعل “Who” ہو وہاں مزید فاعل کی ضرورت نہیں ہوتی۔

He who wins the race, he will get the prize. (Incorrect)
He who wins the race will get the prize. (Correct)

8): – دوسری/تیسری ڈگری کا دوبارہ استعمال غلط ہے۔

He is more wiser than Ali. (Incorrect)
He is wiser than Ali. (Correct)

9): – ایسا “Adjective” جو “Worth + ing form” سے بنایا گیا ہو “Noun” کے بعد آتا ہے۔

This is a worth-enjoying excursion. (Incorrect)
This is excursion worth-enjoying. (Correct)

10): – “Relative Clause” یعنی جو کلاز “Whose, That, Who, Which, Whom” سے شروع ہو اس اسم “Noun” کے بعد آئے گی جس کی وہ وضاحت کر رہی ہو۔

I met a bagger in the street who was blind. (Incorrect)
I met a bagger who was blind in the street. (Correct)

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