1st Year Past Papers 11th class of FSc FA ICS & I.Com

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1st Year Past Papers 11th class of FSc FA ICS & I.Com of All Boards are helpful material to intermediate students. The Past Papers of FSc 1st year Subject List, F.A part 1 as well as ICS part 1 and I.com part 1 Old Papers for 11th class, is a very important study material that helps 1st-year student to get high marks in their exams.

11th Class Old Papers of All Punjab Boards

1st Year F.A All Subjects 11th class

Compulsory Subjects

  • English
  • Urdu
  • Islamiyat
  • Elective Subjects
  • Arabic / Persian /French / English (Elective) / Urdu (Elective) Sindi (Elective)
  • Economics
  • Civics
  • Fine Arts
  • Education
  • Philosophy
  • Geography
  • Statistics
  • Sociology
  • History of Modern World
  • Islamic History
  • History of Muslim India
  • History of Pakistan
  • Mathematics
  • Islamic Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Islamic Culture
  • Psychology
  • Library of Science
  • Outlines of Home Economics

Old Papers of FSC All Subjects

  • Islamic Education
  • Urdu
  • English
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Past Papers of I.COM All Subjects
  • Urdu.
  • English.
  • Islamic Studies.
  • Principle of Accounting.
  • Principle of Eco. & Commercial Geo.
  • Principle of Commerce & Banking.
  • Business Mathematics & Statistics.
  • Pakistan Studies.

Major subjects are listed below

  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Commerce
  • Economics
  • Business Math & Statistics

Previous Papers of ICS All Subjects

Compulsory Subject

  • Urdu
  • English
  • Islamic Studies (Part-I)

Elective Subjects

  • Phy-Math-Comp Science
  • Stat-Math-Comp Science
  • Stat-Eco-Comp Science

1st Year Previous Exams’ Papers for revision of All FSc subjects

Past papers are an essential and best way for revision. Previous Exam Papers help students to check how their revision is going and assess areas for improvement. Just doing the questions, perhaps under timed conditions (Class base daily test etc), and consulting the mark scheme is also useful. However, too much of this can lead students to overemphasize the role of the mark scheme in their success and lead them to place lesser value on other types of homework and revision.

11th Class All Subjects Papers

pastpapers-result.pk helps 1st year students to provide them 11th class past papers for their Inter Part 1 exams. Our website offers papers for English Medium students and Urdu Medium students. The 11th class exams will begin soon, and students will be looking for their past papers. So we are providing them with past papers 11th class’s all subjects, listed on our website.

We have uploaded past papers in English, Urdu, Mathematics, Computer Science, Islam, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. As soon as new past papers are available in the market, we update the 1st past year papers.

These papers cover old question papers of 11th class Subjects List completely for the following classes and topics e.g. FA Part 1, FSC Part 1, ICOM Part 1, and ICS Part

  • 1st-Year-Old Papers
  • Past Papers 11th Class
  • FSc Past Papers
  • Previous Papers fsc part 1
  • FA Part 1 Past Papers
  • Inter Part 1 Old Papers
  • I.Com Past Papers

How to practice FSC 1st yaear past papers

Once you have chosen your field of study, you can browse according to your district’s board of intermediate and secondary education.

You can then choose from the various articles mentioned above. Finally, you can see the Old 5 years past papers of your previous five years papers.

HSSC Par-1 old exams’ Papers can help 1st-year students. You can try the first-year past papers on our website for practice for Intermediate Part 1 exams. The more you practice on your past papers, the better the chances will be to gain good mars as well as the highest marks in your district’s board of intermediate and secondary education.

Intermediate level exams decide your future so you can’t rest but don’t need to be worried at all. Try to attempt previous papers listed here, to find out what questions come up in your exams each year. If they attend every year, they must be important for future exams as well.

If you solve past papers without panic and being nervous, you will also perform better in your exams. What if a question from past papers came up with some changes? It will be good for you because you have already solved it. So it won’t be too difficult for you to solve it again.

We provide a variety of helpful materials to students of all classes. The Past Papers of FSc 1st year, F.A part 1 as well as ICS part 1 and I.Com part 1 Old Papers for 11th class are very important study material that helps 1st-year student to get high marks in their exams. We hope to see good results. You will see or solve them.
Good luck to all 1st-year students!

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